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  • Protect property and lives
  • Ensure your business is legally compliant
  • BM TRADA audited and certified
  • Reduce insurance premium overheads
  • Benefit from peace of mind
John Ware Director of Viso Group Limited

John Ware, Managing Director at Viso Group has extensive experience in Fire Door manufacturing along with full BM TRADA Installation and BM TRADA Maintenance Certifications. All Viso personnel are committed to ensuring the highest standards of work across all aspects of Fire Door Safety.

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Twin fire doors


Fire Doors are technical and engineered pieces of safety equipment which can easily fail if not manufactured and installed correctly. Viso Group is committed to helping our clients achieve full legal compliance and safety above all else.

BMTRADA - Fire Door MaintenanceBMTRADA - Fire Door InstallationSafeContractor Approved


“Worked with the Viso-Group guys on 97 fire doors across the Hospital. We planned from start to finish with the guys as to logistics and how this would all work at site. The team that came to site were great and for the week and a half they were here formed part of the team, they worked around us, and were great at keeping in touch with what needed doing when. They came in early to get to clinical areas (such as theatres) so the jobs could get done around the business needs. Wouldn’t think twice about calling these guys for works again in the future”.

Private Healthcare Trust
North London

“The work carried out on our fire doors by Viso Group was completed timely and professionally by Dan and his team. With over a hundred doors needing work over several sites, the work was carried out seamlessly and without disruption to the business whilst managing to work in tight spaces and areas of high traffic. The programme given also suited well to make sure the doors were fixed methodically with detail on each, requiring no snagging of supplemental works”.

Manufacturing Company
South Coast of UK


Fire doors are a crucial aspect of any building's fire safety strategy.

It's essential to ensure that they are correctly specified, installed, and maintained.

Whether you are a healthcare provider, an educational institution, a commercial entity, or a facilities manager, Viso Group can help you make informed decisions about fire door safety.

Fire Door Safety Experts

Facilties Management

Our services are essential to Facilities Management companies. By delegating the fire door aspect of your management to Viso Group, you can create total compliance for your clients. Our excellent inspection services and reports, alongside accredited remedial and installation services, will ensure you leave nothing to chance. On request, we will provide quotes for fire door remedials and replacements enabling you to benefit from a complete package.


We offer a prompt and well-rounded service to all our clients. Schools, universities and student accommodation will enjoy our commitment and experience in handling your specific requirements. Working around staff, special needs, and school term timetables are nothing new to us. For additional peace of mind, we ensure all our staff are DBS checked.

Fire Doors for Educational buildings
Fire Door Safety for offices and the workplace


We work while you work. Our fire door inspection services are delivered as quietly as possible and with flexibility to ensure minimal disruption to your workplace. Whether a swift inspection or necessary remedial works, we respect your time and can offer appointments outside of regular business hours.


We appreciate that live wards, waiting rooms, theatres, and imaging areas are among key sensitive areas. With this in mind, we work around your specific times and requirements to ensure we respect your space and avoid any disruption. We can even offer out-of-hours services to facilitate this. We also provide a vast range of products specific to this industry including anti-bacterial surfaces such as PVC encapsulation, automatic door opening devices, privacy vision panels, anti-ligature ironmongery and more.

Fire Doors for Healthcare buildings
Fire Door services for the hospitality sector


Hospitality, especially hotels of all sizes, is an important sector with regard to fire door safety. We have the experience to work with your expectations to successfully deliver our services when working around occupied bedrooms and avoiding restaurant and kitchen areas at busy times. Total compliance is integral for the success of these businesses and we can meet all of your requirements throughout the UK.


Busy warehouses have their own issues fraught with dangers generated by machinery, forklifts, racking etc. Along with heavy footfall in and out of offices it makes for a challenging environment. Normally, these areas have a fire compartmentation line running between the warehouses and the offices which must not be compromised. As well as this, the warehouse itself will have other areas requiring fire protection such as stairwells. We can work with you to ensure your work environment is kept fully compliant.

Fire Door Safety for Warehouse and Commercial buildings


Focusing on the unique challenges and requirements of fire safety in heritage and Ministry of Defence (MOD) buildings.

Whether you are a heritage building owner or an MOD facility manager, our commitment is to provide you with the solutions you need to ensure total fire safety in your buildings.

Fire Door specialists for heritage buildings


The UK has a very rich heritage of old and listed buildings dating back an incredibly long way. During that time, they have accumulated a vast history of events within their walls. Protecting and caring for these buildings demands a lot from their owners and carries with it some unique challenges. Buildings, where fire doors are clearly borderline in compliance or even outright non-compliant, are every Heritage building owner’s nightmare. However, the good news is that our reports will recognise this and advise you on the best course of action rather than just giving you a list of failures. We can then work alongside you to achieve a realistic result.


The Ministry of Defence is vital to the security of our lives and the sovereignty of our nation. It is paramount that the protection of MOD staff lives are regarded as a top priority. We can achieve fire door compliance for your buildings in the quickest and simplest way. All our staff are DBS checked and we are proud to be working with your buildings whatever and wherever they are.

Fire Door Safety for MOD buildings

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