Fire Door Inspection

Fully qualified in Fire Door Inspections we can competently inspect your Fire Doors and issue a Full Report on how to get you compliant. 

As part of the Regulatory Reform 2005 it is the duty of the Responsible Person to ensure that the Fire Doors in all non domestic buildings are inspected regularly  and the findings recorded. 

Our inspections include a massive 50+ point compliance check (depending on configuration and specification)


We use our very own App Based Reporting System which we have developed ourselves using our knowledge and experience.  After carrying out a full survey we then send a report to you showing the condition of each door.  This comes complete with photos for evidence and identification and is set out on a very concise 1 or 2 pages per door.  The photos are clickable images that expand and are very low res keeping file sizes down.

Asset Register

In addition to the report above we also automatically produce an Asset Register of the doors that we inspect giving you a complete list of your Fire Doors in the form of a register.  This is available in Excel if required and can then be exported or turned into a working document

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